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Random projects that are available online only.


released December 24, 2011

ILL AL & Various Collaborator
Cover by: Sent Rock



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ILL AL Phoenix, Arizona


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Track Name: ILL AL - Produced by Bronze Candidate - Are We Even There Yet (Set Sail)
Some people say Alan/ why you so elusive? I stay on my island/ yes I guess that I’m reclusive/ so I say people/ why you so intrusive? I guess I’m a grouch/ couldn’t say that I’m a simple man/ not really trying to hold on to what I can’t fit in one hand/ the truth is/ yes, I stay up nights/ think about what once was/ did I do right? live with my past/ slung on my shoulder/ can’t really put it down because it never slumped over/ regret’s got a shell/ harder than tortoise/ not one part porous/ dead weight/ rigamortis/ so it’s chin up/ sit up/ stiff upper lip/ and picture my family like they never got hit/ get choked up on that personal tip/ so I/ alter reality/ aka “bullshit”/ under that pretense/ let’s let my story flip/ my father was a saint/ quiet and a gentlemen/ taught me how to play ball/ the value of my lady friends/ lead by example/ never did coke/ never beat me with the hanger to his coat/ he never cheated on my mom/ her love was enough/ never pliered on my teeth because he loved me too much/ never bought me a dog/ then beat that dog mean/ so the dog never bit me and the dog was always seen/ hit up the stadium/ maybe catch a game/ me, Paul and James/ speaking of Jim/ my very best friend/ never left me at home so he could go and shoot heroin/ nope/ stayed right by my side/ never dipped out because my dad never died/ and if I told you that my older brother Paul wasn’t like a father to me/ then it would be a lie/ and so it’s simple/ the rest all is/ cause the situation is/ in those townhouses/ the home became hollow/ metal revolved/ lost a bullet/ I put my soul inside the bottle/ captain of the ship/ makeshift as it is/ set sail/ swallowed by whale/ lost in the ocean/ faded in the fog/ gone in the mist/ disappeared in the distance/ mixed with the sunset/ are we even there yet? set sail…
Track Name: The Blunt Club
What’s the haps on a Pabst/ see your face at the Blunt Club/
Pockets got dollars and the doors got no cov/

Still making music/ got a finger for the government/
The system doesn’t change/ and people are still lovin it/
Eyes open/ GOOD/ your mouth closed/ GREAT/
They pile up the bullshit and put it on your dinner plate/
You gotta hundred at the bar?/ hold your keys in the air/
I’ll drink beer in your car/ yep/ with my feet up on the dashboard/
Thursday mornings coming and my fingers hitting fast forward/


A competition in dance/ a competition in clothes/ a competition none the less/
Cats steady jock hoes/ while they’re sitting on the stage front/
Or standing on the out side/ rolling up and smoking blunts/
And your leaning on some dudes ride/ dude ask you to move/
you answer dude by going up side/ the dome piece with a four leave clover/
Fist balled up/ with a thumb comb over/


They Dump paint up on the canvas/ in the Element of image/ Picks-stirs up the hand twitch/
Radar Tricky to a T/ when it detects the Thrift Shop/ the line ups complete/
And sure the place may switch/ Still the vestax cross fades for turntablists/
And the floor stays open/ no matter which bgirl or bboy is scoping/